The Upper river fishing consist of two beats the Blackwater fishing at Balnacoil and the Upper Brora at Dalreavoch.

Without doubt the Blackwater fishing provides sport second to none and rods very seldom become vacant, in some cases the fishing is now  in the hands of a third generation of the same family.

The upper River Brora is in the hands of Sutherland Estates and at times still provides sport with Salmon and Sea Trout caught just below the lodge , however, it is the hill lochs in this area that provide excellent fishing for wild brown trout.

Due to the catchments area this part of the system is subject to very rapid rises of water, indeed in the past more than one intrepid angler has had to be very lively on the feet to avoid being swept away

I came across this picture of a 35 lb. fish caught in 1948.

It was caught in Snag