The lower River Brora is fished by only 8 rods , normally made up of two parties of 4.

The river is divided into two beats, the UPPER, from the Beech tree to the island above Madman, and LOWER, from the Madman to the Rockpool.

The beats are designed so no one angler fishes opposite another.

As from 2002 the start positions for the beats will be fixed so that on MONDAYS  the NORTH bank will commence on the UPPER beat and the SOUTH bank commences on the LOWER beat. Changeover is at 1.30 pm when still on your own bank the party moves to the other beat, the following day you should start fishing on the beat you finished at the day before.

There is a bewildering array of fly's and equipment available to the fisherman these days whether to catch fish or the fisherman is debatable, however on the Brora , if I may be so bold , the tenant could get by in using only two flies, the WILLIE GUNN and the ALLY SHRIMP , these two flies in a variety of sizes should see you through a week here on the Brora.

In respect of footwear it has been said that carpet slippers would suffice, but a sensible option would be thigh waders, which will cope with 99% of any conditions.