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Welcome to the home of the River Brora
From the fact that the strath of Brora has been home to people for thousands of years I'm sure that fishing has also taken place over a similar stretch of time and whilst the methods we use have advanced with time I wonder if the same type of sportsman where about then.
We all have sat by the side of the river pondering on the problem of just how to tease that fish from his home into ours, mind you generations ago he wasn't constrained by the same legal requirements that we are and I think a large net and a rock would have suited his purpose ,whilst we are faced with a bewildering array of rods, lines and flies in any combination you wish to name and for some reason we never seem to get it right on the day whilst the people we have as companions always have luck on their side.
The Brora system has been most fortunate over the years to have had one of the most consistent of Management teams in place. It has long been the aim of this River Board to combine a restocking policy with conservation measures which have led to the Brora being one of the very few rivers to have seen an increase in both returning fish and numbers caught
Anyway I'm keeping you back from the rest of the site so please continue on and above all Enjoy
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