Take out your road map of Scotland, find the Highlands, on to the county of Sutherland and on the East coast you will find the village of Brora, flowing inland from there you will find a small blue line that is the River Brora . On the map it looks insignificant but, as they say looks can be deceiving and in this case they certainly are.

For if  there were a book on the hidden gems of Scotland , the Strath of Brora would be listed at the top. Therein lies the River Brora system, without a doubt one of the most under rated fishing venues in Britain

The River Brora system rises in the hills around Ben Armine and swiftly flows to meet the Blackwater and Skinsdale tributaries and into Loch Brora , then emptying into the Lower Brora and on into the sea. As it does so it passes through some of the most wonderful countryside in this part of the world, much of which has been photographed or painted at some point in time.

A great many of the people who fish here are ones who return year after year but there are those among you who may still find yourself on the banks of the Brora  for the first time and to you I say ,

And here and there a foamy flake

Upon me, as I travel

With many a silvery waterbreak

Above the golden gravel

And draw them all along, and flow

To join the brimming river

For men may come and men may go

But I go on forever

So if you get the chance come and join us , but remember "there is more to fishing than catching fish"

The Brora system has been most fortunate over the years to have had one of the most consistent of Management  teams in place. It has long been the aim of  this River Board to combine a restocking policy with conservation measures which have led to the Brora being one of the very few rivers to have seen an increase in both returning fish and numbers caught.